Jose Carneiro
My name is Jose Luiz Carneiro! I’m a Miami-raised Brazilian-born Graphic designer who attended the School of Visual Arts.

Before transitioning to design, I was a biology student at Florida International University. I discovered my love for design after being given a chance to design posters for the theater department there. Since then, I’ve worked in various design disciplines from editorial, branding, experiential, scenic, UI, and even industrial. I want to think of myself as an adaptable designer and my design thinking can be applied to any discipline. Ben Sherman, Bruno Magli, Canva, iheart Radio, Men’s Health, and FX are some brands I’ve worked with.

I enjoy working with tactile materials and analog methods. I’m always creating physical prototypes to get a good sense of what the project would look like in IRL. I like to think that I bring the art school to anywhere I work because I get hands-on with prototyping, and I firmly believe in proofing colors using swatches, not screens. I’m heavily inspired by science fiction, horror, and anime. Pop culture was a tremendous driving force in me pursuing design, so I’m always keeping up with current trends so they can inform my design choices.

I enjoy spending time at the park like any New Yorker when I'm not working. I’m big on being active and spending time with my friends. An ideal weekend for me is laying at McCarren all day basking in the sun, and I love going to drag shows at night.

Open to Full-time & remote opportunity