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Sir Sly Album Packaging

This project’s focus was on constructing an album system for all three of Sir Sly’s albums. It’s a project that has an emphasis on process, research, exploring forms, and deconstructing systems. 
Apr 2021

Pokemon Starter Kit

Like a lot of kids born in the ’90s, pokemon was a character-defining part of my childhood. This project is an homage to the inner child in me. It's a project that treats pokemon as a real thing and the branding of what that would look like. 
Aug 2020

Mermaid Parade: Coney Island

This project is a series of posters for the Coney Island Mermaid Parade. It reimagines the stereotypical idea of what a mermaid is and defies conformity like this parade. This was a collaboration with Victoria Deblasi.
Jul 2020

Tin - Foil Hat

This project shows the construction of a brand. It started off as just an editorial project, but the subject matter in Tin - Foil Hat is so interesting that it was extended to podcasts and merch. The magazine deconstructs conspiracy theories and tries to see both sides of the argument.
Oct 2019

Museum of Natural History

This project is a rebranding for the Museum of Natural History that emphasis the international effort of history and science while giving the museum a modern touch. 

Apr 2021

Devil’s Lettuce

This project is a packaging project for cannabis-infused chocolate. This product is supposed to appeal to someone who wants a higher quality cannabis product but doesn’t want to smoke or vape. It’s a higher-end product that is targeted to millennials who love dynamic brands.

Sep 2020

Slime Type

This was an analog type project. It’s a set of uppercase characters made with India ink on a special type of paper called yupo paper. Yupo is a synthetic paper that is water resistant. This means that once the water evaporates the ink just sits on the surface of the paper with the impressions of where the water once was. Once the ink dried I scanned it into photoshop and edited it.
Jan 2019

Akira Book Covers

Akira is one of the most influential contemporary sci-fi material. The themes of Akira help setup the cyberpunk genre as we know today. This is my vision for the covers. It’s a set the comes together and it’s the ultimate collectors item for fans of Akira. 
Apr 2021