Jose Carneiro
Pokemon Starter Kit
Brand Exploration, Motion, Illustration

This project is a hypothetical project that envisions Pokémon as a real thing in our world. I got inspired after learning you can buy reptiles and have them shipped to you via the post office but instead of reptiles, imagine buying a Pokémon. Essentially your buying a starter kit and embarking on your journey from when you get you select your starter Pokémon to when you compete in the league.

Art Direction, Book Design, Illustration
Akira is one of the most influential pieces of sci-fi material. It heavily inspires me so I created a collector's set of the mangas. I started by creating a responsive wordmark that became more grotesque as the series went on which conceptually ties to one of the main characters, Tetsuo becoming more grotesque physically and mentally as the story went on. As the book cover goes on, it starts to transition from red to black, and when you line up the spine, you see the iconic pill that is a big part of the iconography of the series.

Album Packaging, Brand Exploration

This project is centered on building a packaging system. I took three albums from this band called Sir Sly and applied branding principles to systemize the covers into a brand. The project is heavily centered on process, and it was a way for me to refine how I approached all projects. It started with understanding the albums' core ideas, then making quick sketches and refining until I got to a system. And once the system was in place, it was all about deconstructing it and applying it across different mediums, from shirts to motion graphics.

The Continental Hotel Bar
Graphic Design, Experiential design, Set Design 
Inspired by Peacock's new three-part event "The Continental: From the World of John Wick," we at Makeout partnered with our friends at Fever to invite fans into an immersive experience of "the world’s most chic, sophisticated, and dangerously elite hotel in NYC." My role was primarily desiging signage, wallpaper, and props for this activation.

Editorial Design, Infographic design, Typography
Editorial Design has always been a passion for me and luckily, I've had the pleasure of working for the most well-known fitness magazine Men's Health. I primarily designed the front of book and the body section of the magazine. I would have to conceptualize, design, and produce visually compelling layouts based on the stories. I got to pitch a lot of key art and illustrate when needed. Still, most importantly, I would have to balance a lot of imagery and type visually, so I learned a lot about organizing information from a reader's stance.

Open to Full-time & remote opportunity